May 27, 2020 2 Comments

These few years, I've visited places, trying to find the meaning of life, the meaning in living.

But isn't it strange? How we tend to search everywhere for what we think would complete us. It is puzzling, how we tend to think that whatever we need is just beyond our reach.

Then, I realised that people everywhere - from Suzhou to Sheffield, from Phnom Penh to Hanoi - we're all searching for our personal callings.

Yet, what we've been searching for might be right before or right within us.

This blog details my experiences, as well as that of the people around me.

P.S. the blog's called Artxy because it's a fusion of the word 'art' and my initials 'XY'. It's also because my friends have the tendency to go "ARRR, TXY, what did you just say?!" all too often.

P.S.S. I'm fascinated with the beauty that is the visual arts. To date, I've participated in the following exhibitions and competitions:

o Feb'13 Regrets for Dreams at Cinnamon College, National University of Singapore (Exhibited)
o Oct'11 Art Garage! by The Arts House (Exhibited)
o Oct'11 On Dreaming at Central Library, National University of Singapore (Exhibited)
o July'11 Squares Invasion by Instinc Gallery (Exhibited)
o Dec'10 USP Visual Art/Photo Competition by University Scholars Program (Top three)
o June'04 Singapore Discovery Center On-The-Spot Art Competition (First prize)

If you wish to chat, please leave a message below. Thank you (grins).

Me flying off on my broomstick (er hem).

The flight was cancelled, pending a significant weight loss.  


  1. Hello :) We are rather alike. I'm also studying Chemistry (currently), I love to draw (especially in the past) and I love writing. Writing in English is my strong suit :) But you seem to be doing better though.
    Nice meeting you by the way :)