A Dinner Conversation

Son: Hi, Mum, what’s for dinner?

Mum: It’s your favourite long beans fried with onion and garlic.

Son: Wow, what delicious organs!

Mum (puzzled): Huh?

Son: Do you know that a bean is basically a seed-containing pod, which make it scientifically, a fruit? Since fruits are organs, thus beans are organs, thus we are eating organs.

Mum: Wow.

Son: What wonderfully caramelised onions. Just the other day, my friends and I looked at the onion cells under a light microscope. The upper epidermis has cells which are more oblong compared to the lower epidermis. Potato cells even have starch granules which turn an amazing turquoise when iodine is added, due to the formation of the starch-iodine complex!

Mum: Wow, wow, wow.

Son (oblivious): What’s that lovely smell, Mum?

Mum: It’s the night fragrance of the butterfly ginger flowers.

Son: Oh my, are we indulging in the smell of a reproductive organ?

Mum: Aren’t we glad that you receive such a good education.

Note: The reproductive system of plants are generally covered in the Y3 Biology syllabus.

Note: Sambal-fried beans are yummy.


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