Trekking in Bako National Park

It has been a long while since I last posted anything.

A child discovered this dying blog - the final effervescence of forgotten wine, the dehiscence of a poorly stitched wound.

Is it because words have dried up, from an overflowing river to a mere trickle to a dehydrating puddle of mud?

Thoughts are there, still there, just not processed into anything coherent, anything worthy of being read.

I wish I could talk about how the baby mammals misbehave, how they remind me of those infant primates clinging to their mummies' tummies.

These little creatures run around, hooting, screeching, touching, smacking. They are adorable and infuriating and (sometimes) show sparks of intelligent life.

But since I am circumscribed by my circumstances, I shall talk about what I did this holiday.

Let's start with a photo of this handsome fella, ruggedly bearded. He was loitering around the accommodation in Bako National Park and seemed lovingly tame.

There are many beautiful pitcher plants - seven different subspecies! - twining around trees, like snakes.

The most charismatic animals are, of course, the endangered proboscis monkeys. This one was foraging for tender leaves just a few meters away.

Silver leaf monkeys are more cautious and take extra care to maintain a healthy distance.

Here are photos of the flora and fauna we encountered in the park. I'm lazy to write descriptions of the many wondrous things we have seen.

There was a constellation of stars in the sky and a constellation of fireflies in the mangrove and everything was blinking and the world was magical and beautiful.

It is banal and unfortunate and irrefutable that everything must become the past. Work will begin again next week.


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