An Irate Gorilla

A few days ago, there was a dialogue-writing exercise. Students were given some scenarios to consider and nudged into writing conversations. Punctuation, paragraphing, pauses, these fledgling writers were encouraged to exercise their writing muscles.

Of these, two gems stood out.
"Which country are we going this June holiday?" said the wife when she was eating maggie mee.


"Will we get Ebola?" said the wife curiously while she was drinking milkshake.

"It's alright."
"Why did you steal money from my purse?" My mother said while she was checking through her purse.

"I wanted to buy a house."

"You could have told me! I'll buy it for you," said my mother, angry like a gorilla.

"Okay, sorry, Mum. I'll not do it again."
Content aside, at least they know how to present a dialogue on paper.