ThouSun Orchid Nursery, Cameron Highlands, Ringlet

After searching online for orchid nurseries at Cameron Highlands, I stumbled upon a blog entry exclaiming over exotic specimens. There were photos of paradisaical blooms, some with twisted shapes, some with brilliant light and even one with a monkey face.

With time and patience - the internet connection at my lodge was patchy - I managed to identify the name of the nursery and pin down the owners' contact details.

ThouSun Orchid Nursery is located at the corner of a small hill in Ringlet. The road leading to this place is bumpy and muddy, thus a challenge for typical cars. As such, it was such a relief that Mr Sin, the owner of this nursery, drove us there.

After a knock-knock-knock ride, we made it to the sprawling nursery. Mrs Sin patiently introduced the different species - Dendrobium, Cattleya, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, Bulbophyllum and many more - as well as offered advice over what to grow in the stifling Singapore weather.

Apparently, I came at a wrong time for 'there were few flowers'. What little I saw was sufficient to dazzle though.
Here's the Dendrobium Spectabile, with its curling flowers. It is colloquially known as the alien orchid!

Look at the monkey face orchid! It is adorable.
Here's Victoria Regina, an incredibly rare specimen with blue flowers.
Look at Mrs Sin with her bulbophyllum phalaenopsis! Its leaves are almost as long as her body!
Very drawn towards these beauties with draping petals:
This one with tiger like spots is lovely.
Apparently, this crimson one is a species from South America.
This slipper orchid is a stunner, with a precise blend of colours.
Instead of carting adult plants home, it is possible to buy seedlings.
More flowers, all intricate and beautiful, some even fragrant:
There are two different flowering morphs for this Dendrobium Macrophyllum. One is yellow and the other, green.

ThouSun Orchid Nursery is located at Cameron Highlands, Ringlet, Malaysia.

If you're an orchid lover who wish to feast your eyes on both hybrid and species orchids, do make an appointment with Mr and Mrs Sin:
Mr Sin:+60195511312
Mrs Sin:+60165511430
email address
It will be a feast for your eyes, a famine for your wallet and a day well-spent.


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