A SASSy Salima

SASS is an award-winning vocal group comprising of three ladies. Last year, they competed at the Annual World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood, Los Angeles. For the first time in the 18 year history of the competition, a Singapore group - this Singapore group - was crowned as the Best Vocal Group of the World.

Here they are, performing a light-hearted song titled Candyman.  

The ladies of SASS pose with their shiny award.

After winning this international competition, they got into the headlines and were interviewed by The Straits Times and Lian He Zhao Bao, two widely circulated newspapers in the country.


Guess who knows a member from this up-and-coming Girl Group?

Tembusu College of the National University of Singapore has an interview with Salima. When asked what her 'tips for success', Salima replied that 'it doesn't matter how good, or how lousy, you think you are. What matters is that you keep going.'

When Salima heard how some students aspire to be musicians, she offered this gem of advice:

It seems that receiving an education - and being educated - does not inhibit you from your dreams. Learning how to read, write, listen and speak well does not prevent you from pursuing what you intend to do well in life. In fact - gasps - being articulate can actually help you.

Here are some celebrities who weren't harmed in any way by their education. 

Emma Watson, with a degree from Brown University,
a top American tertiary education institute.
Hugh Jackman who studied engineering
Rowan Atkinson who holds two degrees,
including one from Oxford University