My Youngest Brother, His Girlfriend & New Zealand

My youngest brother was worried. "Er ge, my girlfriend and her mum may be going to New Zealand for two years. To find jobs and all that. How?"

"Is it confirmed?" I asked.

"No. There is a low probability. But I'm worried."

"Yes, you should be worried. What if your girlfriend meets a hot New Zealand angmoh?"

My youngest brother turned away. "I'm not going to talk to you anymore."

"Don't like that. Anyway, it's possible to have long distance relationships. When my friend was apart from his girlfriend, they have movie dates and play lame Facebook games, all the while chatting over Skype. So don't worry."

My brother, wrapped up in his anxiety, continued to ignore me.

Taking a leaf from pop dramas, I said, "let her go, let her pursue her happiness."

My youngest brother: "But I am her happiness."


Image credit: Our Wild Ride