Rolling Up Rejections (Then Eating Them?)

I would like to wrap up all the rejections sent by poetry journals - those harsh and rotting words - with newspapers and throw them into the rubbish chute. They are embarrassing reminders of where I had fallen short, of not being good enough.

They sneak into the inbox, all proper and prim, looking like any other email. Yet, they carry messages that can sour an entire day. Here are some of those pimple-pink blistering words:

Can't honestly say I like this, but it has merit.
Just be dishonest, say that you like it. I want to be lied to!
Also, have u considered my suggestion about your need to repeat? It has become less of a "trademark" and more of a tic that needs to be addressed seriously.
This is new. It's the first time anybody compared my writings to an uncontrollable muscle twitch. I imagine my poems, jerking about - as though electrocuted to crisp - and try not to wince.
Thank you for your submissions. I read your poems closely and placed one on the shortlist, where it remained all the way until the final reading. In fact, it was the final decision I had to make, and I think I will err on the side of caution and choose not to use it for the upcoming issue. 
Almost got in! Ouch.
What's the purpose of this post then? These rejections sting, why make them public? Why not wrap them up and throw them away?

To glorify failures, I suppose. To build a cathedral to display photos of various mishaps.

Recently, two friends approached me on separate occasions, to share their dismay about and fears of failing. All I could offer was truisms:

"It's okay to fail." 
"Failure is the mother of successes."
"One learns more from failing, than from succeeding."
"Do you know that Google doesn't hire Harvard grads because these grads tend to be risk-averse?"
Blah, blah, blah

All I can say are the same few words, trying to look sympathetic, trying not to be frustrated. Everyone fails. It's common to fail. Why do we expect successes to come simply because we've put in some efforts, as though successes can be willed to fruition so easily?

The fears of failing is a smog, one that chokes in a subtle manner.

The solution is clear, then. We should celebrate each time we don't do well. That we've tried one more time and discovered one more pitfall to avoid.

In attempting to console others, I've comforted myself as well.

Here's a little haiku,

Failures are chalky,
so tough to chew and swallow,
unlike KFC's 


Boy, writing this piece has made me really hungry. Time to roll up the rejections, store them well and examine at a later time. Now, perhaps it's good for a snack?

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