My Pet Merlion

In an arc, you flew,
snared by greed.
That hook pierced your lip
and you,
you thrashed.
With your head of fur
and fishy body,
you thrashed.

You were beautiful,
a cat-fish that obeyed.
Suckling my fingers.
Swimming to the surface,
begging for food,
so smart!

I loved you,
more than I ever loved
my hamster or parrot.
Why did you die?

Your body bloats.
Your eyes glint, glassy.
You stink.
Why did you die?

Slicing you apart.
Removing your ebony heart.
Scrapping out your innards.
Replacing your eyes
with beads.

A head of fake fur,
an empty body,
my stuffed

Forgive me, I loved you.