The Heartless Crane

Once upon a time, there lived an oyster. It was a fortress of youth, how green and blue, and violet, with a galaxy of glimmers on its obsidian shield.

Humming and humming, it snacked on shit that tumbled along the riverbed. (At times, shit is food; at times, food is shit. The oyster wasn't a fussy eater.)

A crane sneaked in, lustily kissing the oyster with its sunset orange beak. But the shellfish was shy, its first time being pursued, and with such passion too!

We all know that inter-species love is forbidden. Nothing good can ever come out of it. But the oyster didn't know this.

It lowered its guard, loosening its shell to smooch the crane in turn.

The bird saw the oyster’s heart, was disgusted it wasn’t red. So it pecked and swallowed that instead.

It is impossible to defend against bestial tendencies.

Source credit: Google