Advice Is Cheap

Once upon a time, there lived one young monkey and an elderly turtle. They happened to meet each other on the seashore.

The playful primate asked the wizened turtle, "Sir, how did you grow so old?"

"I'm old because I've learned not to listen too much. My ear holes are smaller than my mouth."

"Would you share your secrets please? I want to live as long as you do."

"Well, giving advice is easy. Just open your mouth and speak; no filter is necessary. Are you sure you want to hear what I've to say?" The turtle spoke slowly.

"Yes, sir!"

"Well, giving advice is easy.
"Find your meaning in life."

"Earn more, buy a house, get married."

"Work overseas."

"Study harder, study more."

"Work for something you believe in."

"Take your time."
These are cheap platitudes. Cheap words. Freebies that other animals would throw at you. Whether you want it or not. If you'd just ask, anyone has tonnes of opinions to wish upon you.

After all, giving advice is cheap. All it costs is a little time and the giver gets to believe that he is more important than he actually is.

So, beware of advice so willingly offered, my little monkey."

"Oh..." the monkey scratched his brown furry head.

"And beware of what I just told you too." The turtle said before moving off the beach, towards the cold glittering sea.

Source credit: Animal Liberation Front