Oriental Pied Hornbills in Singapore

An unusual visitor - almost the size of a newborn baby - lurked around the Kovan neighbourhood. For a while, it rested on the roof, next to my neighbour's air-con unit, preening its feathers with its yellow beak. 

It was strange, to see this bird lying awkwardly on a tiled roof. Why wasn't it perching on a branch? Was it hurt?

Then, it spread its wings and fluttered to a nearby tree. Perhaps that Oriental Pied Hornbill could read our minds; maybe it wanted to reassure us that it was hearty and hale.

My father, neighbours and I were all excited to see this visitor which has been hitherto unseen of in this area.
The actual appearance of the visitor (above)
Source credit: Yahoo Images
Here're some photos I took of that particular Oriental Pied Hornbill lurking in the neighbourhood:

It's comforting to realise that Singapore, despite being an urban city, has sufficient space for its wildlife too.