Treasure People Who Love Art

Treasure people who love art for they can bring you on a journey. They can share their excitement with you, their joy at seeing a squiggle of paint or a splatter of dots. They can show you the world, brilliant and beautiful, colours everywhere.

Treasure them for they can guide you to seeing more clearly. Red isn't just red; it can be crimson or ruby, even alizarin. Textures aren't merely textures; they can be grainy, gritty or globbly. These art lovers understand how subtle life is and are willing to share their eyes with you. They will point out to you sights that you've hurried past, those showers of pink blossoms and the red-breasted robin hiding within.

They're contented to watch clouds drift across an endless sky or waves crash against the rocks. They know that beauty dances on every surface if we'd just keep our eyes open.

The angular lines in a cityscape, the trees whirling by a bus, the speckles on a pebble, all vibrate with the joy of existing. Life is more than just assessments, bills and deadlines.

And they're interested in the world, fascinated by quirky facts. They might tell you that the iron smell of the sea results from sex pheromones by algae. (Now imagine that!) They might even tell you that a particular violet is 30% red, 26% green and 44% blue on Photoshop. Being around them can be delightful, in playful ways.

They're comfortable with sitting there and listening to your stories. While they listen, they admire the way light casts shifting shadows on your face, and casually remark that you look better than Mona Lisa. They'll pick up their pencils to sketch a portrait of you, reminding you of your awesomeness that you've suppressed.

They'll encourage you to realise your dreams of creating something, anything. They'll remind you that any building, any product and any artwork come from drawings. And a drawing is just a series of lines and a line is merely made up of dots. And everyone can draw dots. If you can draw a dot, you can create.

They'll let you know that you have magic at your fingertips and being what you want isn't as difficult as what you imagined.

Don't be afraid of visiting the museums with them. Don't fear that they'd ask you what's your favourite piece. You'd want to know what's the different between Surrealism, Expressionism and Impressionism. They'll let you know that these are merely labels that don't matter. Restrictive descriptions that are unimportant. All that matter is how the artwork resonates with you. They'll proclaim that your interpretation of art is as valid as theirs and remind you that no one should be allowed to tell you that your views don't matter.

Then, they'll gently suggest to you that maybe - just maybe - you could have chosen another artwork to be your favourite since the piece that you liked so much isn't worth liking that much anyway.

Don't be fearful of being seen in the public with them. They might have paint drying beneath their fingertips, some orange smears on their clothes, blobs of enamel paint in their hair. They know that it's okay to be messy for, ultimately, they're the only ones that they need to account to - themselves and the people they respect, people including you.

Learn from them for they're comfortable with failures. 

They know how the masters have struggled to paint their visions, how Van Gogh only sold one artwork while he lived, how art need not be art. They know that creating art is just a proxy to living, that loving, viewing and practicing art is, in essence, a way to live. Some might even say that experiencing art is the only way to live.

Art is about having a sense of discovery, an excitement at being alive, at living, at failing then being fulfilled. They know how it feels to fail - for each artwork is a new kind of failure - and they'll sympathise with your struggles.

They'll allow themselves to be vulnerable with you, not with their words, but with their drawings. Their art can't speak yet manage to say everything they wish you'd know.

And they'd breach the defenses that you've built up around yourself, knowing that frames and glass casings can't disguise your inner richness.

At times, they may be consumed by their endeavors, mired in a whirlpool of self-doubt and fear. They'd fret that they'd never amount to anything, that their art would never speak with an eloquence they hope it would. Reassure them, for that's when they need you the most.

They might worry that they're merely moulds, fitting in to the stereotypes that our society oppress them with. They might need you to define their art for them - without you, their art has no meaning. Be there for them and they'd be grateful.

They're constantly reaching for something, trying to feel their ways towards a greater truth, a greater power. It's a quest for an undefined perfection. It's a quest to be infinite. They don't know what they've been searching for until they found it, until they achieve the feeling that everything seems right.

These art lovers would want to share that moment of endless harmony with you. Please share it with them.

They're constantly testing boundaries, loading their brushes (or pencils or clay) with the resplendence of life.  Line by line, colour after colour, perhaps they'd attain something that could complete us.

So treasure them, treasure these people who love art for they need to be treasured and they'll treasure you in turn.

At the same time, treasure art, treasure the different forms that beauty takes for it'd make you more likely to be treasured in time.

Treasure the art lovers around you and they'd
treasure you in turn.