Calvin and Hobbes Look at Stars (While I Look at Clouds)

Source credit: Google Images
These days, I have the luxury of lying down to watch clouds drift by. To rest on carpet grass without worrying about deadlines, articles and obligations.

Ever since the discovery that I could even worry about worrying too much, I've decided that I must rest my mind more frequently. Looking at clouds is, perhaps, the best way of relaxing.

There're clouds everywhere. It's not only easy to lift our heads to stare at clouds but cheap as well.

And it's fun, to see clouds as they transit between different shapes. Look! A dog-shaped cloud was blown apart and quietly evolved into the outline of a seahorse. Amazing. 

It's magical, how these clouds change and how our minds can always find meanings for them. 

Simple pleasure, that's what this is, simple pleasure we could do more with.