Salvador Dali & His Secrets To Art

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, 1st Marques de Dali de Pubol, otherwise known as Salvador Dali, was a prominent Spanish artist.

He painted impossible landscapes, merging fantasy with realistic representations. In his art, elongated figures topple, watches melt and elephants move about on stilts-like legs.

What is the secret of this artist? What inspired him to paint?

Soft Construction with Boiled Beans
(Premonition of Civil War), 1936
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Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a
Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening, 1944
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The Temptation of St. Anthony
Source credit: blog of Anja Wessels
The Persistence of Memory
Source credit: Empty Easel
The secrets to Dali's art don't lie in his paintings or sculptures. They lie in his words:

There comes a moment in everyone's life when they realise they adore me.

Each morning, when I wake up, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali. What is this fantastic creature going to do today, I ask myself. What prodigious works of beauty will he create?

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.

Unlike many of us, Dali has a healthy self-esteem. A very robust - perhaps too robust - self-esteem. He believed that he'd become a world-famous artist and this particular belief eventually came true. Psychologists would call this positive self-affirmation or the Rosenthal effect. When someone believes wholeheartedly in his dreams, the universe would conspire to realise them.

Dali has more words to offer:

Do not fear perfection, you'll never achieve it. 

So, yes, Dali's secret to success could be boiled down to 2 essential points:
1) Believe in yourself &
2) Don't be paralysed by a fear of perfection.

Really, it's easier being an artist than you think.