Dove Real Beauty Sketches - Women & Men

This amazing video explores the self-doubts women have. An FBI forensic artist drew 2 portraits of the same person - one based on that person's self-description and the other, on strangers' descriptions of her.

Commissioned by Dove from media company Ogilvy, this video reminds us that women can be too harsh on themselves.

Dove Real Sketches

And here's a parody of that video, this time on how men view themselves.

Dove Real Sketches - Men

The first video is touching and the second, humorous.

Both videos, however, perpetuate problematic stereotypes of the male and female genders. The former suggests that women are insecure creatures, forever putting themselves down and looking for reassurance.  The latter represents men as narcissistic egomaniacs and women as being harshly critical. 

As many people have pointed out in the discussion threads, these stereotypes could not be further from the truth.

Do note that this post isn't an endorsement of the stereotypes represented. It's merely a post sharing videos that are thought-provoking, engaging and hilarious :]