Learning From An Ex-School Teacher

He has been feeling like winter. A daffodil bulb lying dormant, a dry branch promising blooms. A person in abeyance. Yes, that's how he has been feeling.

He has been waiting, waiting for spring, for the birds to return from their adventures. Surely, these birds must have missed their nests. He has been looking forward to the splashes of pink and violet in the woods, hoping to hear the creek bubbling over the rocks. Yes, he has been waiting and yes, he is still awaiting.

He has been thinking too, thinking about his ex-school teacher. That teacher had commented - on Facebook, no less - that she has given up her dreams to help her students achieve theirs. That teacher stated that she's waiting for her students to be successful artists or architects or designers. They would thus validate her decision - her choice - to give up on what she once wanted.

How sad her decision seems and how wrong.

Why is there a need for that teacher to think she must give up on her dreams of being an artist for her students? Why can't she be an artist and inspire her students to be artists as well? By shining, she can guide others to shine too.

Or is this her way of absconding responsibility? Of hiding away from herself and choosing the safest routes again and again?

He has always wondered about people who had chosen the least dangerous routes repeatedly whilst trekking through the labyrinth of life. It seemed that they'd grow old while hoping that others would fulfill their dreams for them.

So, he learns from this ex-school teacher - like a dutiful student - and reminds himself not to leave a life like hers.