A Bouquet of Wedding Flowers

Written during a writing workshop in the University of Sheffield

We're an unhappy family of flowers. First, we were brutally snipped off our roots. Then, we were thrust together with those horrible green leaves that don't even look nice. To top it off, we were bunched together, thorns pressing into thorns, blossoms over blossoms.

Being tied together by pink satin ribbons was worse than those days of hibernating during winter.

The bride maids were passing us around, touching our faces, smelling our scents and, all in all, violating our rights.

Come on, a bouquet of flowers has its rights to be free as well. We look pretty, yes, and we smell great, true. But that's no reason for you all to violate us.

Dear bride maids, if you can hear us, please keep your covetous fingers to yourself and leave us alone!

We're already unhappy. Don't make it worse.

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