Thoughts From The Universe

Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it was fate, I chanced upon Mike Dooley's book in University of Sheffield's Honesty Library. The snippets of encouragement within were what I needed.

Mike Dooley was a former accountant turned adventurer. He was drawn into the intricacies of the human mind, the beauty that resonated through our very neurons. He was also frustrated by the limiting beliefs ingrained into the population, so much so that these people stagnate, unwilling - thus unable - to think greater.

Enticed by the prospect of receiving a daily injection of optimism, I signed up for personalised notes from his website, The Universe.

This was the first note I received:

Not having enough money, XY, is never the problem it seems.

First, lack is always temporary.

Second, change is only ever a few thoughts away.

And third, it's not like you haven't performed miracles before.

Honey, honey 
-The Universe

It's such an interesting note.