MAS Announces New Designs for Singapore Coins

Image collated from Today website
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced that it would be rolling out a new series of coins by the middle of this year.  These coins look modern and sleek with satisfyingly circular shapes.

Singapore's $1 coin bears a suspicious resemblance to England's 2 pounds coin. It has a silver center encircled by a bronze-colored ring. "This similarity does seem coincidental," Josiah Teo, an oil-and-gas trader at the Harbour Front Hub, said. "Are the designers from England? Anyway, the new $1 coin looks cool and I've no quibble with its aesthetics."

The new Singapore $1 coin (left) and
current UK 2 pounds coin (right).
For every country, nation building comes first and Singapore is no exception. Hence, the $1 coin depicts the Merlion, a state-constructed and state-sanctioned icon. "It is so cool that we are using our local legend on this nice, shiny coin," Felicia Tee, a professional housewife, mused. "It looks adorable, like a fishy cat or catty fish."

The economy, as always, is vital. The 50¢ and 20¢ coins reflect Singapore's role as a maritime and aviation hub.
The houses for Singaporeans, meanwhile, become immortalised in the more lowly 10¢ coins. Arts, as embodied as the Esplanade in the 5¢ coins, come last.

"It is clear that they have their priorities right," Mr Teo suggested, "after all, if there is a need, we can easily build more flats. Besides, poetry is a luxury we cannot afford."