JMW Turner in Millenium Gallery, Sheffield

Joseph Mallord William Turner is a landscape artist. He paints stunning images of Nature, with broad, evocative strokes. He has been frequently described as "the painter of light".

As I stood before his painting in a Sheffield museum, a tsunami of joy crashed over me.

Colours. Serene sweeps of colours. Crimson and beige and sapphire. Tangerine and brown. Beautiful colours. They dance across the canvas.

Tears - I'm not kidding - tears actually shimmered above my eyes, threatening to spill over. I was gripped by the painting, by standing afore a moment of history.

This joy was absolute, encompassing. Nature, beautiful, dramatic Nature.

Then, from the corner of my eyes, I spied movement. My friend unexpectedly stood beside me. He grinned and lifted his eyebrows. What's this abstract work about? His brows wiggled.

That moment of sheer joy evaporated.

JMW Turner, Landscape with Water
Source credit: Culture 24
Photography isn't allowed in the Millenium Gallery.
This photo, which I found online, simply
doesn't do the painting justice.