On Dreaming

“We all have dreams. But not all of us have the courage to pursue them. We wish, we hope, we long for. We think and keep thinking. We live, day after day, wishing for changes, wishing to change. Someday, one day, enough becomes enough.”

This series of pen art explores the intangibility of dreams. A tree wishes to experience anti-gravity – it wants to be upside down before its final breathe. A seadragon dreams of flight, having only tasted water against its scales. A group of stones want to move, to change their perspectives.

 Dreams, everyone has them. Dreams. What are we without them?
The Seadragon That Dreams Of Flight
It had seen shadows swooping across the water’s surface. So joyful, so unfettered. Why couldn’t it be like them? An ache enveloped its slight heart, a vacuum that seemed to draw every emotions within.

In a moment of sheer recklessness, it spun out of the cool waters and glided through waters that were strangely light.
The Dying Tree's Wish of Being Upside Down
For years, it stood upright. Tall, straight, reaching for the yellow rays. It had behaved with the dignity and decorum expected of a tree. It toed the line and grew in an expected manner. It didn’t bear fruits or flowers that it wasn’t supposed to. It was quiet, unassuming. It was tired.

The time has come for it to go. And before it did so, it wanted to be upside down.
The Clusters of Pebbles Longing to Walk
Dreams we can believe in! The stone, with the greatest leadership potential, urged pebbles to join his party. Together, they were a strange sight, a tortoise lookalike.

They didn’t want to be stepped on, not anymore. Together, they can change the world. It all begins with that first step, that which they have yet to take.
So, yes, dreams, what are we without them?