Independent Science Research (UROPS) (CM3288/3289)

Golden, ruby and emerald. How beautiful but toxic. What aching poisons. He took one venomous compound and bred it with another. Would their child be doubly poisonous, the offspring of two potent parents? They sang a siren's song. To know, perhaps he has to taste. His professor was pleased. The first ever synthesised organometallic fluorescent radical. Be happy, he commanded, ordering joy the way he ordered bottles of poisons from pharmacies.

Those chemicals collided and conspired. They vibrated, quivering and quaking. They flashed with rainbow colours, taunting, ever taunting. He felt like spilled salts - dirty, unwanted, useless. He was the stain on a white lab coat, that star-burst splatter on his cotton sleeve. That blemish, there, over there. He was a sparkling crystal purified, crushed, then discarded into black, thrash bags. Out of pity, the molecules came together, rubbing electrons with electrons. They sang a symphony, a symphony pledging eternity. But compounds degrade; they stumble, collapse -

Source Credit: Zhengzhou Sigma  Chemical Co Ltd