Chinese New Year Goldfish Ornaments 折纸金鱼

2013 Chinese New Year - the first Chinese New Year that I won't be spending with my family. A surge of affection for my grandma and parents suddenly swamps me. I wonder how much I'd miss them while being on exchange. 

Maybe I'd miss their wisdom, their kind words and the cups of plain water they force-feed me. Maybe I'd miss those festoons of red and gold, the laughter of my family, the chats with cousins over dinner. Maybe I'd miss pushing my brothers away from the computer and having them push me back. Or maybe I'd just miss the pineapple tarts. 

And so, out of familial piety, respect for my elderlies and boredom, I've decided to make some ornamental goldfishes for the family to display.

This pair of goldfishes was made about 2 years ago.
They're still holding up well with vibrant grace.
The above trio were fashioned within 2 hours.

Let's begin by looking at what materials we need:


1 sauce dish
1 pen
1 stapler
1 pair of scissors
1 pair of synthetic eyes per goldfish
Spool of red thread
10 pieces of red packets per goldfish

Preparation time: 0.5 to 2 hrs
Taste: not edible


1) Fold.
2) Glue.
3) Cut.
[Optional] For one of the fins, attach a
red string if you wish the goldfish to be suspend-able. 


1) Fold.
2) Draw line with sauce dish.
3) Cut.

Fold 5 such pieces. Use two sets to make into gills.
Keep the other three for making into the goldfish's body.
Simplified gills.

Tail Fins

1) Fold.
2) Fold.
3) Fold.
4) Overlap the folded pieces.
5) Glue bulky corner.
6) Open up the tail fins.

Fold. Fold. Fold.
Glue together, then open up the tail fins.

Fitting Together

1) Glue nth times.

Glue gills to the two pieces that would be the body.
Glue 2 fins on one piece of the paper that would be
the bottom part of the fish.
Glue the top fin (the one with the string) to
one part of the body.
Random comment: The hand above belongs to me.
Glue the tail to the body.
A gormless CNY goldfish is made! It has the expression of
an Angry Bird.

At this stage, did you notice that one of the previously listed materials wasn't used?

Yes, the handphone. Most people like to take photos of their crafts to upload on Facebook. Sadly, I'm no exception.  It is in this light that I listed the Handphone as an essential material.  


My grandmother would be pleased with the 3 goldfishes. They come in cheery shades of gold, yellow, red and pink.

And finally, we've a school of fake goldfishes frolicking among fake plums and fake oranges. How festive ;]

Having them float within some foliage conjures a
visually arresting display.
So Happy New Year everybody!