Definition of a LONG-KANG noun

I slipped on that knot of
mucous algae, and crimson flared.
An iron grin twisted my lips,
even as blood mixed with
the long-kang waters.

We were scooping
guppies that shimmered
rainbow fires.
The stinging faded
as I scooped, scooped
those glimmering fishes
squished beneath our rubber
soles as we splashed in the
soapy waters. Those flattened bodies
were cartoons with their
burst umber eyes.
We giggled, guileless, brutish,
tossing, tossing
our green nylon nets.

Index fingers swirled
the waters and the silver
strokes swam against
the currents. Here
was the gift to us, flickers
in clear glass jars.
“Long-kangs are
dangerous,” my mother warned.
Her words swirled across my mind
like the effluent over
the scabbing wound.

Now, pitiless cement
covers and ensconces
my long-kang.