Poem For My Father

Poem for My Father

I'm writing this poem

because you always feed us your chicken wings,
because you work two jobs to buy bread and kaya,
because you were once shy and gave it up for us,

because you left a torn condom package
- "blackcurrant-flavoured" - nestled
in the car rags, next to one can of cola,

because you brought us to the zoo that day
and we had fun without Mum,
because that night, she threatened,

because you pretended not to know
when I stole your crumpled cash
to buy those chocolates on Mothers' Day,

because you made me a warm cup of Milo
and ordered me to sleep early
that midnight before my exam,

because you want me to get a
degree that you never had,
because you told me that I should have failed

my driving test for I would be safer,
because you still drip vile green vitamins
down our reluctant throats,

because you dreamt of being a painter
and told us to study business,
because you deliver goods in the day

and sell those green vitamins at night,
because you still work two jobs
and tell us not to be like you.

Because you had – because you wanted –
because you want – because, because –
because you're my father.