Haikus on Technology

Please click on the photos to read the haikus. Had spent much time obsessing over them and photoshopping everything together.

Enjoy :]

Desolation is
This tweet, black on white, speechless,
Longing to be read.

A bit sian diao, ZZZ
Totally don’t know why essays
lots. Machiam no end.

I’m, like, maybe
your message has no meaning.
You trolling me meh?

After writing the above poems, I realise how difficult it is to deliberately write in Singlish. There's this lingering fear of being marked down for poor English and guilt for desecrating the sanctioned rules of the language. Are we systematically taught to be ashamed of Singlish?

Why can't we allow ourselves to embrace what we should respect and treasure? Why are we halting the evolution of a language? Is it because we feel that it doesn't belong to us?

My tutor calls this reluctance the 'mentality of the colonised'.