Glaucus Atlanticus / Marginata

  • Sapphire sea slug (= pelagic aeolid nudibranch) 
  • Lives in the world's oceans
  • Spends its entire life floating upside down on sea foam
  • Hermaphroditic: contains both male and female reproductive organs; mates with its ventral sides facing; produces strings of eggs after doing so
  • Feeds on jellyfishes and stores their poison in its limbs (may be even more poisonous than its already lethal preys)
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These nudibranches, like us, have such aching destinies. They live; they eat; they reproduce. Then, they die.

They float beneath the water surface, swept by forces that they don't understand. Shimmering cyan and silver, they are blossoms of cells. 

Don't be fooled by their delicate appearances though. They feed on animals larger than them, storing their poison as defense. In those surreal, wriggling fingers, there are sacs of toxins. Beneath these creatures' frail facades, there are venom. 

They reproduce, laying strings of eggs. Then, they die, washed ashore by pitiless waves. 

Source credit: Vanhartingsveldt.blogspot
Its fingers - scientifically known as 'creta' - are
bundled ribbons.
Source credit: Sea Slug Forum
It looks like it's floating, surviving on its dreams.
Source credit: Nudipixel

So many lessons and so many stories in these fragments of Nature.