Lyrical Abstraction: Works by Jeremy Sharma and Yeo Shih Yun

Lyrical Abstraction presents two large painting installations which explore light and darkness, realism and abstraction.

Kurosawa by Jeremy Sharma (2012)
Enamel & polyurethane paint on aluminium panels
420 x 650 cm
Collection of Singapore Art Museum
In Kurosawa, Jeremy Sharma pours paint at specific angles to create panels of dichotomous colours. The black and white washes are inspired by Akira Kurosawa, whose films play on the use of hues and in which light and darkness represent good and evil respectively.

There is a quiet, meditative quality to this monochromatic work. There are no energetic and spontaneous strokes; there are no unfettered splashes of paint. What it offers is gently cascading streams of black paint against white-painted aluminum panels.

This artwork, with its understated simplicity, is easy to overlook. A few museum-goers actually walked past this wall installation without realising that it is an artwork! The artwork blends so readily into the background - and what does this imply about it then?

Conversations with Trees by Yeo Shih Yun
Video, digital photos, sketches & silk-screen painting on canvas
Variable dimensions
Collection of Singapore Art Museum
Yeo Shih Yun explores Chinese ink and pushes this traditional art in a different direction.

In Conversations with Trees, Yeo suspends brushes from trees and encourages the breezes to paint an abstract field of dabs, swabs and scratches. She captures the poetic movement of air, rendering the intangible tangible.

Then, with silk-screen printing, she transfers these serendipitous marks onto canvas.

There is a quiet grace to the artwork. It induces tranquility, peace.

Yeo also painstakingly documents her process of making this artwork. There were a few video documentaries, a series of photos and some notes. These materials contribute to a more nuanced appreciation of Conversations with Trees.

Brushes dancing in the wind.
Ink marks made by swaying brushes. A painting by the wind.
Sketches and photos reflecting Yeo's thought processes.
Very languorous pieces...