Batik Workshop Ver. 3

Organised a Batik workshop today and was amazed by the creative energies saturating the atmosphere. 

The workshop began with a short history on Batik art, followed by an explanation of its principles. My friends were really focused as I gave the brief introduction. 

Quite an amazing workshop, one that produced beautiful works!

Adeline, using an inspired palette of ocher, yellow and umber, painted the Lion that is within her. Mreow! Rwarrr!

Tang Sheng, my tutor for a Chemistry module, did a wonderful piece that depicts the Green Dragon - one of the four spiritual guardians in Chinese mythology. Really proud of his work!

During the workshop, we entertained each other by making lame Science jokes. 

Jay did a piece which radiates joy. A lovely artwork with translucent colours!

Rachel seems to like her concentric circles of navy, turquoise and emerald. :]

Keren's artwork is inspired by a mitochondria. Not surprising since she's majoring in the Life Sciences! 

Hi, do I look like a mitochondria?

Everyone's investing themselves in their art! There was an incredible atmosphere of focus, energy and camaraderie.

Very glad that I organised this workshop so that my friends could create works that they then brought home to share with their loved ones. 

During the workshop, a kind lady happened to walk past. She took a look at a diptych and offered to buy it from me. I thought that she was making small talk and didn't really mean it. (I mean, I walk into galleries, ask about the price of paintings and walk out without buying anything quite frequently.) She then brought her husband and son to where the workshop was held and, after some discussion, decided to buy the diptych. She could see how shocked I was. I think I'm still in shock.

Tired, touched and thankful. Still digesting the experiences that today offered.