Humour at Home and in Class

"Who is cuter - me or you?" He stared at his baby cousin threateningly and his eyebrows wiggled slightly, as though suggesting you better say that I'm more cute or else.

The baby cousin, unfortunately, was not fazed. He knew the answer that he was supposed to give to avoid the otherwise impending tickles. He should simply agree that his elder cousin was smarter. He paused and looked up,"let me ask my mother."

That smart aleck just outsmarted him. Argh.
Teacher: "So, class, who knows the answer to my question? Rayner, what do you think?"

Student: "Huh?"

Teacher: "Are you even listening to me? What did I just say?"

Student: "What did I just say." The entire class burst into laughter.

Teacher: "Come, Rayner, read this passage to the class." 

The athletic student walked up to the front and began reading from the script in a melodramatic, somewhat fierce tone. "Do you know that I was cyberbullied?" His voice softened into a sultry whisper,"do you know how hurt I was?"

The entire class -including Teacher - rocked with mirth. 

The student turned to his teacher and held his rolled script like a truncheon. He pointed his makeshift prop at Teacher. "Please do not laugh when I'm talking to my class."

It was a lesson to remember.