A Quiet Trove

"Why are you thrusting out flowers in a remote corner?"

The showers of orchids bobbed up and down. The purplish black flowers did some dainty curtsies.

Huh, what does nodding mean? "Excuse me, have you heard what I said?"

They nodded yet again.

Are they the simple, mindless creatures or am I?

These orchids, they lived simple lives. They basked in the golden warmth and trembled in the twilight rain. They grew and flowered and fruited, before dying. What was it that they understood and he didn't?

Perhaps they knew the futility of fighting needless battles. Perhaps they grew with courage despite the hopelessly manicured landscape. Or perhaps, they simply didn't care.

It had been a sheer joy to discover them, and a sheer puzzlement to decipher what they meant. He examined the petals and wondered what secrets they held.

Very delicate flowers, with subtle hints of purple and black.
It has either understated refinement or sheer banality.
The orchids look very surprised to be thrown into
the sudden glare of a flashing camera.
The orchids are growing in this remote corner.
A welcomed surprise in a manicured landscape.
Each bulb holds one spike of flowers.
Such resplendence is an uncommon
horticultural phenomenon for wild orchids.