Finding Faith in the Cloistered UTown

A chain of words can inflame and hurt.

One thoughtless comment from one friend to another became a ferocious email to one group of people, which then became an expression of internal bickering and stereotyping of external parties.

I'm dreadfully tired by these tensions, all swirling about with rapidity. Treacherous waters, indeed.

The snap reactions of so many different parties. The barbed comments by intelligent people - perhaps just not that wise.

Losing faith in the people around. Beneath the polished veneers of civility and scholarship, there lurk barbaric tendencies. Beneath the well articulated words, there lurk insecurity and insensitivity.

Mr Brown lost his Faith and found her.

P.S. I think you've lost your faith and need to find it back as well.
Two Doves Amidst the Forest (2006)
Did this watercolour piece quite some time ago. Inexplicably drawn to its calmness now.