On a Recent Controversy

Brittle leaves, falling to pieces. Crumbling.
What the fuck, seriously, what the fuck?
What kind of professor is he? What kind of irresponsible teacher is he? How can he apply his immense intellect to deconstruct common sense? I wish that I've no scruples. How I wish I can name you publicly and shame your arguments. 
The light plays its golden fingers across a shifting field of leaves.

This tenured professor gave me hope. If those were the best arguments proffered, I could just as readily study for a PhD. Come to think about this, anyone could. Really, Associate Professor from School of Computing-USP? Such foolproof logic.
I still can't believe this. What kind of irrational shirking of responsibilities is this?

What about the ideals of education?

This professor exaggerated the problem. He distorted it and claimed that the administration were not culpable for a series of damning cyberbullying incidents.I had hoped for reasonable people to speak up but none would. What nonchalance, what self-absorption. What cowardice.
How I wish I can make the email exchange public.
Those who spoke up, they worsened the controversy. They polarised it to an either/or division and argued fantastically on very tenuous grounds. Sigh.

It was one of those times that the world seemed more opaque. Devoid of light, of life.
P.S. I really need some encouragement now. If you're reading all this, drop me a message below.