Thinking about thinking

They're our second skins - brittle, porous yet tight. They hug our bodies - snugly - such that we aren't even aware that they're there.

The preconceived ideas that we've, the judgments and assumptions, the instinctive opinions and convictions, they're our second skins. They hang all over us, colouring our perspectives, tainting our visions, limiting our horizons.

Do we realise that we can shed these skins? To give them up so that we can breathe more easily, more freely? Do we understand that 'it doesn't have to suck', that we don't have to pass judgment on everyone and have everyone judging us reciprocally?

These second skins, they obscure our movements. They hinder, they impede. They are part of us, they are, they really are. But, they need not be. 

We can shed them. We can examine these filters and discard them. We need not be hindered or impeded. We can think about the way we think, do away with the petty blinkers and see truth in hitherto unknown ways.