It's so easy to overlook, even forget, the lessons we learnt in Vietnam.

I remember those times. We sat in a circle within the classroom, on dirty floor, in dim lighting. We shared our insights. How we felt in a foreign land; what it was like to be in the rural regions; why the yep turned out so different from our expectations.

We spoke of how similar people from different lands actually were. We realised that we didn't want to view others as faceless entities, didn't want to just glance and not see. We learnt of friendship and revived a love for humanity.

And then, we returned to our country. School, family, friends - normalcy - awaited.

Within weeks - no, not weeks, days -  within days, we were caught up with what was proper and popular. We went out and pigged out during the festive season. Sheaves of homework swarmed us. We brought new phones and new clothes and new something.

It was as though we didn't go for this yep at all.

But, when it matters, when life exacts demanding tolls, we remember and understand and realise we can let go.

These lessons - like many other precious ones - fade. But, like those delicate primroses, they will flower again after winter.