"I took triple science back then, dropped out of uni and moved on to study art at Nafa."

I paused, took a closer look at him and wondered.

We were both from the same junior college - Victoria - but I had never seen him before.

"After army, I began my studies in engineering at NTU. And after a few months, I dropped out. Engineering, it isn't my passion. Art is, it has always been."

It took guts to do what he did, to run counter to social conventions and expectations. To think for himself even as the world swept about him, demanding him to fit into neat categories and existing moulds.

I tried not to stare at him. Knowledge about people's past - even the slightest thread - has the power to cast them in a different light.

I thought about what I had thought about him. What I once thought was no longer what I now think.

"I guess you can call this a quarter-life crisis."