A Pen That Isn't Just A Pen

"Bet that they slaved for money when they were our age."

"I don't know. There must be some truth when rich people say that money isn't important."

"That's because they've so much of it!"

Then all the more should we heed their words, I felt like saying but remained silent. They had been there, done that. Didn't you know that after achieving a certain level of wealth, money becomes diminishingly important?

"Still don't think it's a good idea to splurge on a $1, 200 Mont Blanc pen. My 50 cents pen can write just as well."

"But there's an actual crystal in it! Not printed or embossed. An actual one. See this photo on the screen?When you reached a certain income bracket, what you want to buy naturally becomes more expensive. Maybe you don't understand this. But you'll want more stuff, costlier stuff, cooler stuff."

"I'd want to buy something useful or give some money to needier people. What would I want with expensive stuff?"

There was an awkward pause.

"Dear gods, I can't imagine why we are having this conversation. I just want to tell you about the pen I've seen and how nice it is."