Small and significant

There are subtle laws governing life.

These laws, they may be perilously difficult to prove - perhaps even impossible - but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

They are beautiful in their nuances.

Recently, he had a wondrous chance to discover some of them.

Sometimes, he is bored with his studies, with endless chains of facts to memorise and regurgitate. Sometimes, he is inexorably fascinated. Quantum chemistry has the rare quality of evoking both frustration and fascination at the same time for it details some bedrocks of life.

Little particles but not so little.

Do you know that molecules can only vibrate with a certain amount of energy? That they can't really move freely, that they can't cartwheel with wild abandonment through space?

There is a certain mysticism to this realisation: our world abides by strict physical laws. These laws may be easily missed - after all, they're omnipresent and invisible. But, when he realised that they're all around him, working their unseen magics, he couldn't help feeling a sense of wonder.

The minute particles in his tummy are all moving with the quantised energy! Can you imagine it?

He doesn't really understand the math well. Or the materials that will be tested.

But what he understands is delightful enough.

Whoever likes such convoluted math anyway?

 But the resultant quantisation of energies is sure awesome!