Women Artists in Singapore

Singapore Art Museum currently has an exhibition dedicated to female artists practising in Singapore.

It is a timely exhibition, given the indifference/ignorance about their aesthetic sensibilities.

To be honest, up till now, I've never wondered about the distinction in perspectives between female artists and their male counterparts. Are there noticeable disparities? Is it even fair to lump artists into discrete groups according to gender?

On hindsight, there are certain characteristics common to female artists, no matter their chosen medium, techniques or motifs.

There is a certain gentleness, a luxurious serenity in most of their works (except Amanda Heng's quietly disturbing installations). An unassuming modesty. Works that don't jarringly cry for attention.

I felt stimulated, yet tranquil. The feeling was akin to the satisfaction of downing a glass of full bodied red wine.

As I was researching for this post, to my surprise, I realised that this exhibit wasn't publicised on SAM's website. What an irony.

Georgette Chen's portrait of her husband:
Amanda Heng's biting commentary on feminism:
Om Mee Ai's abstract oils :
Namiko Chan's portrait of subtle uneasiness and vulnerablities:
Hong Sek Chern's ink works: A few other artists I'm not familiar with: Take a trip down to SAM. It's well worth your effort!