Presidential Elections 2011, Singapore

Of all characteristics, he dislikes pomposity in people most. It is incredible how many Singaporeans clutch to their one piece of voting slip and go about telling people how the country should be ran. If the basis of their questions is genuine interest for Singapore's future, then we should all welcome it. If their queries are egocentric in nature, they then become unsolicited wisecracks. Each vote counts but let's not inflate their importance.

If the speakers genuinely care for Singapore, perhaps they can be proactive and effect a change. Don't merely be armchair critics.

Now now, who should he vote for?

He heard that there was a clash between Dr Tony Tan and Mr Tan Jee Say over the Internal Security Act (ISA) which allows for the imprisonment of people without prior evidence. Why not let that be the starting point of his research?

After watching the video, he knew who he shouldn't be voting for.

The irascible nature of a particular Mr Tan was incredible - and not in a good way. He imagined the next President to be stately, dignified, calm. A person not prone to emotional outbursts and incoherence.

(Do read the comments log to gain a fuller understanding of others' reactions. Many of them are well thought out though some clearly reflect heated emotions and obfuscated reasoning.)

On a side note, he had heard nothing but positive comments about Dr Tan Cheng Bock. His friends/relatives/colleagues would discuss the merits of Dr Tony Tan and Mr Tan Jee Say in heated tones - should our President even be such a polarising figure? - before complimenting Dr Tan Cheng Bock, almost as an afterthought.

Someone shared that Dr TCB quietly contributed to free medical care for the vulnerable members of our society, years before this tumultuous 2011. A few others said compliments that he couldn't quite remember now.

All the best, Dr TCB, you've my vote.