Firing a Litigation Assistant

My cousin is a lawyer specializing in shipping litigation.

She happens to be the same lady who told me not to waste my abilities being a teacher.

Recently, she fired her secretary for her impropriety. The said secretary did not pass vital court documents to her promptly. Should the opposing counsel file charges, her professional license could be revoked.

It was a serious matter. She wanted to give her secretary a chance but changed her mind after discovering another important document tucked neatly into a file on the latter's desk.

When scolded, her secretary went to the HR department to cry and complain, without revealing the extent of the problems and expressing remorse.

It was a difficult decision, I suppose. To fire someone from her job. My cousin was frustrated but she couldn't have an unreliable secretary that put her own rice bowl at stake.

As usual, I felt awkward in conversations which dissected people according to the sum of their weaknesses and strengths. Surely, there must be more to all this.

Try as I may, I can't be sure what to make of this casual conversation.

Drifting clouds, they don't judge.
From Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh.