UOB POY 2011 Results

The UOB POY 2011 exhibition is now ongoing at Esplanade's Jendela.

Quite a visual feast, some of the artwork. Really envious at the creativity and skillfulness of the winning artists.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any photos of UOB POY 2011 (Singapore) online. It is a brilliant Chinese ink work on rice paper depicting snatches of Singapore's architecture, by Mr Gong Yao Min. An unexpectedly meticulous mastery of the medium, one that is often expressive. Rare to see a highly detailed, carefully rendered Chinese Ink piece. Wondrous.

UOB POY 2011 (Malaysia) shows the ravaging of nature by a fiery hued robot. In the smoky background, the Petronas Twin Towers can be seen. Isn't really captivated by the chosen medium though, hmm

Portrayal of Development by Ng Swee Keat

UOB POY 2011 (Thailand) depicts a family, tightly knitted even in sleep. There is a charming simplicity in this artistic exploration of kinship.

The oil painting relies on thick coats of paint to create a satisfyingly rich depth. A thin layer of varnish coats the painting, imbuing it with a yellowish tinge of yesteryear.

Hugs of Love from My Family by Suwannee Sarakana
UOB POY 2011 (Indonesia) is a oil painting inundated with cultural motifs.

Can't really grasp the message the artist was trying to convey. There are gears and chains ferrying figures past places of worship. Pulleys powered by water; oriental clouds.

Since I'm not privy to Indonesia's cultural symbols, I can't really make an informed interpretation of the artwork.

It does come across as a socio-political commentary on the mechanical nature of the modern society, hmm.

Repacking by Billy Indrajati
The triptych below is one of the Platinum award winners. The lyrical arrangement of the canvases contribute to a palpable sense of nostalgia.

I quite like the pieces with shadows of leaves and a peeling, weathered sheet. They sort of left an aching sense of emptiness, a moment of weakness immortalised in art.

Old Haunt by Ong Jie Yi
The oil painting below is also one of the Platinum award winners. Imaginative use of oils to create a visual tension - textural and tonal - tightly contained within a limited canvas space.

My friend is entranced by the tired strokes of thick paint, the languorous pose of the dancer and the inspired use of a Chinese motif, so startlingly red against the monochromatic background.

And he gets his act together by Arivan Shanmugaratnam
The below painting has to be my favorite. It reminds me of my friend's painting style. Pastoral hues, a languidly optimistic atmosphere, dreamy hopefulness...

Can't help being infected by good cheer once I lay my eyes on it. It is a happy painting painted by a happy painter and therefore, evokes happiness. Lovely, beautiful.

It is one rare work of joy in this age of cynicism. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't seen many works of such airy optimism in a long while.

What's up, Bruce? by Camille Louise Garcia Balete
More information about the artists and their works here.

Do take a trip down to Jendela and rest your eyes on this visual buffet :] It's worth your effort.