Random event

I was snared by the UOB consultant. She wanted me to sign up for some monthly savings plan in the name of prudence.

Since I've nothing better to do, I decided to play along. Maybe I'd discover some useful tidbit?

"I'm sure you've never thought of retirement." She smiled and I beamed back. Erm, wrong conversation starter. "Given your age and all, retirement must be very far from your mind." Wrong wrong. I've probably spend more time obsessing over it than you did.

She launched into a very mathematical model of the savings plan. Wasn't impressed.

Started to observe her facial acne. Those powdery stuff that women place on their faces - what is it? - just doesn't cut it at close proximity.

Out of sheer curiosity, I tried using some pretentious business lingo. "May I know if this is capital guaranteed? What exactly is income smoothing?" I wanted to know what those terms mean. Free advisor, might as well ask mah.

Eventually, I left without signing up for the plan.

"Would you like to leave your contact number with me?"

"I'd prefer not to. Thanks," I smiled.

She smiled back but hers felt forced. More of a grimace, more of a conditioned reflex.

She was probably irritated. If I were her, I'd be. LOLS