Last Reflection on GE2011

Realised that he was getting tired of talking about the GE.

He had swung from being a voracious reader of all GE related articles, notes and reports to being a little disdainful, a little apathetic.

It wasn't because he didn't care, but it was because he cared too much. It wasn't because he didn't want to see but because he was getting disgusted with what he was seeing.

Bashing PAP was fashionable, it would seem, in the alternative media. Bashing the Opposition was expected in the mainstream ones. He wished that the debate would transcend fear mongering and finger pointing. Not be reduced to superficial outcries to sway emotions and obscure logic.

Words were malleable to the skillful wordsmith. Anyone well-versed with the niceties of the language could slant perspectives in their favour.

He had laughed at the anti-PAP humour during one of WP's rally. After the rally, he felt an uneasy guilt which nibbled at him from within.

He wasn't conflating past successes with future expectations, nor confusing gratitude with servitude. Yes, PAP did well in the past but that did not mean it will excel equally in times to come. Yes, he understood that.

It might be do us well to remember, however, that most of us are able to sit within the comfort of our homes as we exercise our inquiring minds to criticise PAP - all these are results of our somewhat successful public policies. We can question promises, analyse history and crunch numbers; yes, please; but shouldn't there be a modicum of respect for PAP at the very least?

PAP isn't a monolithic entity. There are policies which had failed. But there are successful ones too. Criticise the flaws, please go ahead; that's how we all improve. But, at the back of your mind, remember the successes.

Pages of online vitriol against PAP reflect how the ruling party has become out of touch with Singaporeans. After thinking through, I know who I'll be voting for. Do you?