Lambasted by My Baby Cousin

"Xiang Yeow Ge Ge, which part of science do you like the most?" Before I could reply, the energetic child rambled on, "I like Biology the most. I like the human body and I like reproduction."

The precocious nine-years-old cousin bounced. He knew stuff that I didn't have an inkling of at that age. How many cells in the human body, the chemical formula of water, the spelling of photosynthesis. Some weird class of extinct animals, the cycle after fusion of sperm and egg etc

"So, what do you like?" The little imp was challenging me.

"Hmm, I like to wonder about the nature of Science. Why is there Science, what makes Science tick, what is a Science anyway?"

"But that's so stupid. And boring. I think Biology is more interesting."

After a long while, as he fought monsters on some lame Facebook app, he asked me the same question again.

"I like Chemistry." I have to give the diplomatically apt answer, don't I? Chem teachers got to love their subjects, right?

"But Chemistry is so complicated!"

It was a cue for me to convince him why the complexity of Chemistry makes it all the more fascinating. (Blah blah blah) x n times

After my diatribe, the monster remarked snidely,"don't blame me if your head blow up from studying too much Chemistry."

Ahhh, hard truths coming from an awfully honest mouth.

My cousin's responses are good for my ego. He giggled and laughed at all the appropriate pauses in this entry.