On Singlish

Attended a seminar on writing recently. The speaker - local poet Felix Cheong - shared his amusement at the way our generation speaks.

It was quite flattering, really. It had been a long time since any one lumped me together with the 15 to 19 years-old. Always a pleasure to be considered as a youngster. (One sign of aging, I'd suppose. To find pleasure in such inanities.)

"I'm like and he's like and I'm like" (as substitutes for "said" i.e. "I said and he responded and I said".)

"You know right... you know right"

"I'm so totally going to slap you." ("Totally" is totally not needed.)

"This man needs no introduction" (which would invariably be followed with a lengthy 5 minutes introduction) aka "But I'm going to introduce him anyway."

"Repeat again"

"Let me double reconfirm." This is a simple case of arithmetic (confirm: check twice; reconfirm: check four times; double reconfirm: check eight times!)

"First and foremost" (but this is my favourite phrase!)

"Without further ado" (by speaking this phrase, isn't there already "further ado"?)

Quite an eyeopener, this seminar :]