Whoever says that stock prices can't be manipulated?

Well, it can be done. Do you have $150? If you have, then congrats! You have the ability to manipulate the price of Harry's.

Some smart aleck is artificially propping Harry's price up (diagram below). By buying one lot of shares at $150, he - I assumed that the buyer is a wily he-fox - caused the price of Harry's to skyrocket on thin, unsustainable volume.

By playing this game, he's actually making a direct loss of $50++ in transaction fees, a significant 33.3% loss in capital. He probably has more to gain from this sleight-of-hand. Maybe he has more Harry's shares that he's hoping to sell at a higher price?

Normally, I wouldn't give two hoots about this. BUT the lot of shares he brought was from ME. I was the only one who sold one miserly lot at $150 that day. All things factored in, I made a loss of $40++. *%@%$* Because he was playing his greedy game. Brrr

Notice the volume at $0.150 (diagram above and below)! Just one puny lot that's represented by one dot. Argh.

Oh, he's playing his game again today. Note the volume of trade transacted. One lot -.-

"High stock prices not supported by volume."
"On thin volume"
"Volume traded is a significant XXX as everyone rushes for the exit."

The only volume that I know of is the one that can be measured with a pipette/ burette/ volumetric flask.

At the very least, I now know that there are other types of volume.

Oh well, in life, that's a lesson waiting for us at every corner. Here's another.

Update: Caught him doing this a few more times in the past week. (Assuming that the perpetrator is a guy and the same person). Kinda exasperating, reluctant to offload any lots, the penalty of being the smallest fish - every looming shadow is a threat.