Bits and Pieces

Random event in which KF wasn't part of - like, seriously - :

(Does he sound sufficiently like a himbo?)

He cycled casually along the streets in an unfamiliar estate. Silvers of wind were brushing tenderly against him. Who wouldn't like cycling? Is this how birds feel when they're coursing on currents of air?

From the corner of his vision, KF spied a long queue winding through pillars and advert stands. Interesting.

Ever ready for a good bargain - after all, he is a Singaporean - he slowed his cycling speed. Maybe a new cafe's offering heavily discounted lunch? He wondered idly, and hoped.

To his mortification, people were queuing to see the doctors at a polyclinic, not for some sale or anything. Choichoichoi, so paiseh, he wouldn't want to see a doctor, would he? Hahaha!
Just the other day, he was really excited over the post-Christmas sale offered by Giordano. He had pulled his younger, way cooler, brother towards the shop. 'Wah, cheap leh.' Excitement blazed in Kah Fai's eyes, even more brightly how the sun had shone that morning.

His brother threw him a dirty look, sniffed and walked faster, further ahead. Aww. The excitement was extinguished with a 'pop' sound.