Day at the Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is hosting a number of fascinating exhibitions. Quite a departure from their usual curatorial re-presentation. Most of the time, they simply move paintings from one gallery to yet another. And this 'new' exhibit will have some fancy name (although it just contains the same tired group of works). However...

Vibrant. Insightful. Brilliant. Awesome. Really worth visiting, these current exhibits.

Art, truly, is for the masses. Anyone - everyone - can appreciate art. Let's not be conned by pretenders/pseudo-connoisseurs into avoiding art. Art is about beauty and humanity; it is about love, patience, perspectives, disasters and responses. It is about a spectrum of human conditions that words can only poorly describe.

Try, visit the museum.

Natee Utarit - he is a Thai, is he not? - paints fascinating tableaux depicting masterpieces. He ponders about the biography of painting. In this age of new media, where can painting progress towards? A contemplative question which promises pleasant surprises.

Awesome works:

Amazing brushwork, outstanding symphony of colours, unorthodox ideas:

Drop by 8Q, the new wing of the museum. An awesome - I'm using this word excessively, but the exhibits are really awesome - experience awaits. Currently hosting a wondrous exhibition centered on Japanese artists.

The crystal deer is sheer prettiness. I know, art isn't supposed to be pretty. Guys aren't supposed to use the word 'pretty'. And the word itself is overused. But there really isn't another suitable synonym to describe the floating images compounded in the dainty crystal balls.

It is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Yup, visit the museum; it is a crying shame not to.